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What Are The Health Benefits Of Essential Oils?

Lavendar Oil


Happy new year everyone, hope you are all happy and healthy. About two years ago I decided to give acupuncture a try.  It’s something I’ve always wanted to do.  I discovered how relaxing and it is.  I would come home after a one-hour session feeling great and less stressed.  During my sessions my acupuncturist would use essential oils, trigger points on most of them smelled great.  I have to admit it took a little time for me to get use to lavender because I’m so use to the artificial fragrance that we find so common in our stores.  The artificial lavender fragrance is way too powerful and frankly does not compare to the true scent of lavender oil.  I figured now would be a good time of the year to discuss the health benefits of essential oils.

There are over 100 essential oils in the world and they can be found online through a number of vendors. We would be here all day if I were to go through all of them.  In order to cover every health benefit of every essential oil I would need to write a book.  This is not my goal today.  My goal is to pique your interest and hopefully get you started on the path to wellness. I will be covering 3 major ailments that affect millions.


Essential oils for colds and flu

This is the season that most of us get sick.  Some blame it on the weather.  The truth is that it’s a weakened immune system combined with the fluctuating weather temperatures.  With so many people that work with the public and customers that come in coughing, hacking, sneezing, dripping on you and everything around you.  Is it really a wonder why we’re getting sick?  In my opinion if you are sick stay home. It is really that simple, take care of yourself and stop spreading it around. The first thing someone thinks of when they think they are getting a cold or flu is over-the-counter medications which aren’t going to do a lot for viral infection.

What you can do other than getting plenty of rest and staying hydrated is to use essential oils in your home to assist in the healing process. You heard me right, essential oils will help your body’s natural healing abilities. Think about the Vapor Rub that you put on your chest to break up the congestion, it has menthol in it, correct? Instead of a petroleum-based product, put eucalyptus or peppermint oil on your chest or put it in an oil diffuser so that you can breathe it in at night.

Fevers are a normal part of getting sick. It is our bodies way of fighting off infection. However, when a fever gets above 103° it gets to point of harming you and you want to bring down a fever you can put a few drops of peppermint oil on the soles of your feet. Peppermint is a menthol therefore it has a cooling effect. This will also help you with your cough, respiratory distress and congestion. Lavender is soothing to allow you to rest and chamomile has a detoxifying effect to remove the infection. Lavender and Chamomile can be used topically, inhaled and ingested. Lemon helps your body drain out the toxins as well as Chamomile and it helps boost your bodies immune system.

Essential oils for anxiety and depression

in 2006 I decided to go to a vocational college for medical billing and coding. That one decision changed my life. I was a straight A student and found myself in a new job before graduation. However, that new job was not in the medical field. It was a job as a customer service representative in a call site that paid me double the salary I had at the previous job and would have equaled the salary of a medical billing specialist. Due to the high levels of stress, I was advised to go see a therapist. In 2007, I took the advice and was diagnosed with clinical depression and anxiety.

As you’ll find out lavender is one of the essential oils that is good for a multitude of things. Lavender is great for both anxiety and depression. Frankincense is one of my personal favorites, I have used it for various problems in my life. If you’ve ever gone into a yoga studio or taken a yoga class you may notice the smell of cedar wood in the air. This is because cedar wood is known for lifting your spirits. I’m not sure about you but when I think of rosewater or rose oil I think of my grandmother. I suppose that’s because they knew a little secret about that scent that we didn’t, it makes you happy. Aromas are a powerful tool. One little secret behind this is that a certain smell will bring up a happy memory for you, happiness melts depression and anxiety away.

Personally I am not the type of person that typically likes a flowery scent, however I do like a lighter fragrance. Jasmine always reminds me of springtime, warmer weather, sunny days and fresh air. Jasmine has been proven to soothe the nerves in order to bring relief to a person who suffers from anxiety. When we are anxious our bodies are on high alert, stressed out and jittery. Not everybody will experience anxiety in the same way, my anxiety feels like a surge of anger and a feeling of wanting to get out of there. Wearing Jasmine oil on the wrists works for me. Like I said Jasmine reminds me of things that make me calm and happy.


Essential oils are good for headaches

We get headaches for many reasons and some get headaches every day. Most of the time minor from stress. Lavender, basil, rosemary, and Roman chamomile are excellent essential oils for relieving headaches. You can get a headache because you’re too tired, this is where the basal oil comes in. Basil oil is known to relieve fatigue in your body by improving the circulation in your muscles. Your brain is a muscle too. Did you know that you can even get a headache because you are not drinking enough?

Rosemary oil will help relieve pain and stress. I don’t think we need to review lavender again so I will skip that one. As far as the Roman chamomile goes, you guessed it, comes from Rome. This ancient flower has been said to be used by Hippocrates himself. Roman chamomile has calming properties and is often drank as the tea.


My Wellness suggestions

Two of my wellness suggestions can be done daily or whenever you need it. First, make time for yourself before bed to take a long hot bath, put five drops of lavender oil in your bath, light some candles and relax for an hour. Trust me you will sleep like a baby. Secondly something that you can do at any time during your day or night is to go to your sacred space and meditate. Rub two drops of essential oil of your choice on your temples, close your eyes, breathe deeply and journey. Meditation is an ancient practice, meant to restore balance within us.


I really hope that you enjoyed this post, please leave your comments below. Namaste.


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  1. Love this! I am running an essential oils site to broaden on this subject because more people need to know how much they can help in ALL areas of life and are so simple to use. Thanks for your insights!

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