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The Air Purifiers

The air purifiers that we choose in our homes play a vital role in a holistic setting.  Air purifiers are purchased for a variety of reasons that include: eliminating odors, eliminating germs, eliminating pet dander, eliminating smoke and eliminating toxins in the air.  They will also range in size, shape, color, capacity, price, filtration, sound and coverage area.

HEPA filtration is in our vacuums, in our cars, offices, HVAC systems, etc.  HEPA alone filters out 99% of dust mites, smoke, dander, and other microbes from contaminating the air.  Charcoal filters are also useful in air purifiers to remove gases, smoke, toxins and other smelly odors.  In some air purifiers you may have to choose one with either HEPA or Charcoal, but not with the Rabbit Air.  We use the Rabbit Air MinusA2 model with the stylish Cherry Blossom design.  There is a 77% customer satisfaction of 5 stars on this product.  This air purifier has 6 filters, is very quiet, Energy Star efficiency and is sleek with multiple settings.

I have family members that have used them and swear by them.  My husband is a cigar lover and although I don’t allow him to smoke in the house, it does blow in from an open window.  I have asthma and we all suffer from seasonal allergies.  We use two air purifiers in our house, one in the master bedroom and one in the den.  It absolutely makes a difference in the air we breathe.  We have our filters for pet allergies since we have 2 Siberian Huskies and 2 cats living with us and the cats sleep on our bed every night.  Since we invested in the Rabbit Air system, I rarely use my asthma medications.  I haven’t needed allergy medicine since we eliminated cleaning products and air fresheners.

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6 thoughts on “The Air Purifiers

  1. My doctor just told me that I should get an air purifier to help with allergies. This is some great information on them and I will certainly be getting one.

    Thanks for taking the time to put this together.

    Your article on the air purifier is very amazing and your down to earth explanation made it easy to understand. You have really done justice the list of the benefits of purifiers in the house which I never knew before. I do not have any pet in my house but I will recommend it to my friends who have pets in their houses.Thanks for your great article.

    1. Thank you Bibian. I am always happy to promote things I believe in. It is not only for pets but for toxins in the air, fumes, gases etc. It improves the air quality, so if you live in a area where the air is hard to breathe because of smog, smoke stacks, exhausts then this is something you want in your house.

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