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It’s that time of year, Spring time!  We all wait so patiently for this time to open our windows and clean our homes.  We are usually more thorough this at this time of the year.  Time to take down the draperies, wash the windows, scrub the baseboards etc.  We live in a 4 D world, why would you clean in 2 D?  Take down the collectibles as you are wiping off the furniture and wash them too.  

Everything looks cleaner if everything is dusted or wiped down.  I’ve heard from clients that they instantly feel like their home is cleaner if the windows are crystal clear, others say when the carpeting is vacuumed and you can see the tracks.  Divide up your time as your schedule dictates, take one room or floor at at time and clean everything you see from the ceiling down.  Why clean from the ceiling down and not the floor up?  Well because if you have cob webs and dust on the ceiling fans, fixtures, crown molding or shelves, the dust and dirt will fall to the floor and make twice the work for you when you start at the bottom.  If you’re like me, you don’t look up much higher than your height, look around and make a checklist for the home or each room.  Check off the items as you go and you will feel the satisfaction of accomplishing great tasks.  Here’s my checklist that I use when cleaning my house.

Bedrooms, Living Room, Den, Office

  • Sweep the corners of the ceiling at the top
  • Sweep down each towards the floor
  • Wipe down the window and door frames on all sides
  • Clean window glass on both sides if applicable
  • Clean window tracks and sill
  • Clean window screens
  • Wipe off any molding on the walls
  • Dust and polish all furniture on top, front, sides
  • Wash glass collectables if possibles
  • Vacuum or wipe books, cd, dvd, stuffed animals etc
  • Clean mirror frame and glass
  • Wipe off all electronics, don’t use cleaners on them
  • Wash bed linens, curtains and pillows
  • Vacuum and steam clean all mattresses, couches, cushions and draperies that can’t be taken down
  • Wipe off all window blinds
  • Vacuum lamp shades, check bulbs
  • Wipe lamp base and cord
  • Empty garbage pails and wash them
  • Wipe off baseboard heating if applicable
  • Vacuum and mop floors


Kitchens and Bath

  • Sweep the corners of the ceiling and down the corners to the floor
  • Clean all lighting fixtures and fans
  • Clean door and window frame, glass, screens and tracks
  • Clean all mirrors and cabines
  • Wash counter tops and organize
  • Wash sink inside, outside, fixtures
  • Scrub toilets inside and out
  • Scrub shower/tubs
  • Wash the top, sides, front and inside of refrigerator, stove, oven, and microwave
  • Polish wood cabinets if applicable
  • Empty garbage pails and wash them
  • Wipe baseboards
  • Vacuum and mop floors

Super Detailed Clean


The type of furniture material will determine what you can use to clean it.  Many people are used to cleaning wood furniture with a wax cleaner instead of a wood oil.  The problem with wax is the buildup that occurs over time.  The same thing goes for your wood floors.  Wood oil is superb for preserving the nature of the wood and cleaning it without a buildup that will look messy and need to be scraped off later on.  For quick dusting of wood, mica, vinyl, lacquer, mirrored, pressboard and plastic, microfiber clothes are excellent.


They are easy to use, easy to wash and last a long time.  If you have wood blinds, they are perfect for them.  Do you have wood floors and low furniture?  Here’s the perfect tool to get under furniture where the vacuum won’t reach for a quick clean up in between vacuuming.  If you have some older windows with the screen on the inside, make sure to take them off and wash them either in the shower or outside, another suggestion is to vacuum them monthly since they collect hair and dust too.  

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6 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning Your Home

  1. Hi there. I cannot wait for spring to get here. I clean the house usually but this year it is time to spring clean the garage too. I actually look forward to that as things collect over the years and it is kind of fun finding stuff that u had forgotten about. Great checklist for the house and I will be using some of them too this year. Some really good tips that I did not think about either, so thanks. 🙂


    1. Always glad to help Carl. It is fun to find out stuff that is forgotten and sometimes sad too. Feel free to check out my organizing ideas that may help when you clean. I am looking forward to opening the windows and airing out my house.

  2. This article has really helped me to organise my spring clean. Normally it’s a happazard event and I’m sure plenty of things get missed.

    I’m going to print this out and start from the top of my house to the bottom.

    Our kitchen has a rough uneven slate floor, any tips on cleaning that. Or just a steam clean maybe?

    1. I am so glad the list will help you. I grew up with slate flooring in the foyer of my house, you can use warm water with vinegar or a little bit of dawn. You can also steam clean it as well. Slate is meant to stand the test of time, I wouldn’t use anything that would chip it though.

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