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Pour Over Coffee Maker Reviews-The Bodum

My Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker


The Bodum Pour Over Review

Name: Bodum

Price: $19.98
Owners: Peter Bodum (Founder) Jorgen Bodum (current owner)
Amazon Rating 4.2 stars out of 5

Bodum Pour Over Overview

This coffee maker makes your morning quick and easy.  Perfect for the couple that is eco conscious.  The Bodum Pour over is a manual coffee maker, no electricity or batteries.  Boil 8 cups of hot water and slowly pour over the coffee grinds in the filter.  The glass keeps your coffee hot for about 1 hour.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

PRO #1 Light weight

PRO #2 Easy to clean

PRO #3 No internal tubing to get clogged up

PRO #4 Fine stainless-steel mesh filter included

PRO #5 Quick brewing

PRO #6 Can be used anywhere, anytime

PRO #7 Reasonable price

PRO #8 Color and size options available

PRO #9 No additional accessories required

PRO #10 Machine washable

The Bad:

CON #1 Rubber neck gets hot

CON #2 Not made for open flame

CON #3 Coffee dust will settle at bottom

CON #4 Wide neck with band not suitable for small hands

CON #5 Wide mouth spout creates a wide pour

CON #6 Glass is breakable


Who is this for?

The Bodum is for any coffee lover.


Bodum Support

Humlebæk Strandvej 21
DK-3050 Humlebæk
T +45 49 14 80 00
F +45 49 18 18 44


601 West 26th St.
Suite 1250
New York, NY 10001
F +1 212 367 8855

Company Website:

Amazon Prime Price $19.98

My Final Opinion of Bodum Pour Over

I have used my Bodum Pour Over coffee maker for a few months now and I love it.  The price is perfect, it won’t break the bank.  Each color and size differ in pricing, the one listed in this review is white and 51oz.  If you are a person who doesn’t drink 6 cups of coffee, there is the 17 oz with a cork neck band for $17.59.  The size options are 17 oz, 34 oz and 51 oz.  The color options are black, cork, white, lime green, pinkish red, sand and another shade of green they call turquois.

The 51 oz coffee maker weighs 1.74 lbs.  The 34 oz coffee maker weights 1.08 lbs. The 17oz coffee maker weighs 12.8 oz. These weights are without coffee.  You can hand wash with a bottle brush or put this in your dishwasher.  Hand washing will be just as quick and easy as machine washing since there are 4 pieces.  The brewing time is 3-4 minutes. The steel mesh filter allows the essential oils to filter through giving a unique aroma and taste to your coffee.  Some pour over coffee makers require filters to be purchased separately adding to your cost, this does not.

If the glass being hot is a concern, there is a double wall pour over option and a double wall with a glass handle.  I wrap a kitchen towel around mine to hold in the heat and to pour without the worry of grabbing a hot rubber neck. Depending on whether you are more sensitive to temperature, you may be able to handle the warmth of the rubber neck.  I use a towel, my husband does not.

If you do not have the plastic pour guide in the correct position, the pour will go in that direction (see pictures).  The 51 oz is too wide at the neck for me to use one hand to pour, I need both hands.  If you have big hands, then you’re fine.  To some, this may matter.  All glass is fragile, so yes if you drop it in the sink while washing it, it will break.  Great thing is it’s not expensive to replace.


You can customize it to your liking.  You can use this at the office, RV, small apartment, tiny house, hotel room and anywhere that you can boil water in a pot or kettle, pour over the coffee grinds and wash out the Bodum when finished.  The brewing process is different from the standard coffee machine and does produce a flavorful coffee.  You will notice a slight oily film on the surface of your coffee when poured, this is from the oils in the coffee itself and is normal. If you don’t prefer the essential oils in your coffee, use a paper filter in the mesh filter to remove the coffee dust and oils.

Bodum wrapped up in the towelSteel mesh filterProper positionIncorrect PositionCoffee dustCoffee Dust at bottomA great cup of coffee


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