I Finally Bought It- The Bona Hardwood Floor Mop Kit

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Ever since I bought my house in July I have been itching to try new products. So I have white bamboo hardwood floors throughout most of my house, my office however does have laminin flooring that looks a lot like Pergo flooring.  I have been using the cedar squeeze mop to clean my floors and it’s way too hard on my back and I don’t know about you but I’m looking to make my house work easier not harder.  Okay so you can notice by the title of this post, that I finally bought the Bona hardwood floor mop kit.  This will be my review on this product.

Prep time

When you have hardwood flooring it is always recommended that you first vacuum, sweep, or just mop the floor. The reason for this being as that it is to eliminate the amount of scratching your wood floors will and door while you’re mopping. The back-and-forth motion that we all do with our mops if there is dirt and grit on the ground it’s going to scratch it up.


Pros and cons of the Bona hardwood floor mop kit

List of pros:

1. Price:  $20.45 in Home Dept

2. Lightweight material

3. Includes washable and reusable microfiber pads, dusting pad and wet mop pads

4. Telescoping handle

5. Easy to use

6. 17″ pads cover more surface space

7. Fits under furniture


List of cons:

1. The handle is short (i’m 4’11”)

2. This mop is Made in China

3. Cheaply made












The con that I listed stating it’s made in China, this would be personal preference. What I mean is whether you like products made in China are not, I know not everything is made in America but I do try to support our economy.  Sure sounds like a contradiction since I bought this and didn’t look to see where it was made, this came highly recommended by a very good friend of mine who owns a cleaning company.  I also looked online for the reviews just like you are doing now and I found this to be a good company selling good products. The mop works great, the cleaning solution is great and I love that you can wash the microfiber pads.

I was able to mop my floors and half the time it would’ve taken may with the old mop. I didn’t need to scrub, or strained to push it, and the swivel had allows me to not have to pull it back and forth. I can walk in a straight line with that and if there is a stain that the little dried out then I can concentrate on the spot a minute one longer but otherwise it is simple and easy to use.

This mop perceived me time and money, both of these are valuable to may now would assume they are valuable to you as well. I did purchase the extra pads solution and I will be looking at the dust mopping as well. The photos I provide here in this post are mine taken by me.  I would like to hear your experience with this mop, please share your story below in the comment section.






The head of the mop




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