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While we are focused on creating a healthy lifestyle for us and our family, we forget that our dogs are our family too.  One primary reason that you would consider a holistic diet for your dog is food allergies.  Yes, you’re pooch can suffer too.  I have two Siberian Huskies and the female, Kira, has a chicken allergy so we buy holistic dog food that doesn’t contain chicken fat, chicken, or chicken meal.


Raw Food Diet

raw dog food

In the past 20 years there has been an increasing interest in raw food diet for dogs.  This came about to solve the medical dilemmas that dogs went through.  Dogs that suffered from skin irritations, respiratory stress, digestion troubles, and nutrient deficiency to name a few, found relief with a raw food diet.

You may consider your dog as your child but we need to remember that they are still animals.  Dogs are descendants of wolves and need a diet rich in meats, not grains.  The premise behind the raw food diet is returning the ancestral health to our dogs.  Raw food will be pure and as close to the hunt as possible promising to satisfy the wild beast within.


Canned Dog Foods

wet canned dog food

Ever since I was a child, the smell of canned dog food has turned my stomach.  The commercially processed canned food is a combo of animal parts, GMO corn, soy protein “meat”, arsenic rice, wheat, fillers, dyes, sugars, pesticides, herbicides hormones, gellatin and starch.

Holistic dog food can be found in cans that are not lined with BPA’s.  Holistic dog food has whole ingredients such as beef, beef broth, peas, barley, brown rice, carrots etc.  You want to read the labels and avoid by-product meals.


Dry Food

dry dog food

One of the dry food ingredients that I’ve found is copper sulfate.  Copper sulfate has been registered for use in pesticide products in the United States since 1956. Copper sulfate affects animals in a similar way. Signs of poisoning in animals include lack of appetite, vomiting, dehydration, shock, and death. Diarrhea and vomit may have a green to blue color.  Does this sound healthy?  I have known several dog owners that have lost their dog from illness’ derived from the commercial dog food.  It is your job as the consumer to research alternatives, I have given you a direction and information to start.  Our dogs depend on us to feed, love, shelter and protect.


My Personal Story

I have owned dogs and cats all my life and I have buried all of them.  They were fed commercially processed dog foods and suffered from many diseases.  This is something near to my heart and I wish for all to read the labels and learn what will benefit your dog’s health.  Let us do no harm.






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