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I thought that today we would talk about washing our hands.  I prefer using warm water over sanitizer any day unless I am out at a fair using the portable toilets and have no choice.

When we want to lose weight, ask our friends about theirs, research diets and we choose a diet.  We follow the plan, cutting the carbs out, lowering the sugar and salt, add vegetables and exercise four times a week for a few months until we reach our goal.  When we choose to plan to live a healthier life, why is it that we only think of the food and exercise part?  Our skin is our largest organ and it does more than protect us, it transports vitamins, minerals and toxins to our organs.  When we put a product on and break out in a rash or hives; that is an allergic reaction to the ingredients.

If you have sensitive skin you would already know to read the labels so you don’t get a reaction but most of us never think twice about it.  My daughter has sensitive skin and I can see if with temperatures too.  Fragrance is in everything and yet we are never sure what it is exactly.  Companies don’t have to say what it is but unless it says it’s from nature or an essential oil, you can be guaranteed it is made in the lab.   A general rule of thumb is if there is a long list of ingredients, it’s harmful for you.  When shopping, look for products with a few ingredients.  If your local store stocks organic products, look for them.  There should be a USDA Organic label on it.

Methylisothiazolinone is an ingredient in hand soaps and it is being researched as being a neurotoxin.  A neurotoxin means  a poisonous substance (such as tetrodotoxin or saxitoxin) that acts on the nervous system and disrupts the normal function of nerve cells.  Triclosan is also an ingredient in hand soap and hand sanitizer that is toxic to your endocrine system.  The endocrine system is responsible for our hormones among other things.  Here’s one that you never would associate with soap or personal products in general, FORMALDEHYDE.  Each time I think of that word, I picture a morgue.

A few companies that I avoid is Dove, SoftSoap, Dial, and Lysol.  I cannot go into Bath and Body Works because of the fragrance, it triggers my asthma and allergies pretty bad.  A few companies that I have used and recommend are Seventh Generation, 100% Pure and B Natural Organics.

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5 thoughts on “Scented Liquid Hand Soap

  1. Hi there, thanks for the great read and sharing your knowledge. It is very informative. And I couldn’t agree anymore with you. Especially with your statement about everyone forgets about their skin. That is so true and a big realization. Even for me and being in the fitness field, I have to share this with others! Once again, thanks!

  2. Thanks for the information on hand soap! I would never have thought to look at the ingredients in hand soap simply because it gets washed off our hands. But it really is scary to think certain companies put neurotoxins into their hand soaps. I might have to be a little more careful picking up hand soap next time and be a little more healthy conscious!

    1. Your welcome Elsa.  If you get the chance to try a natural hand soap and like it, let me know.  I love to hear from people that have switched to cleaner products and have a positive result.  Have you thought of making your own?

  3. I was at a clearance sales the other day and there were boat loads of Dove soaps selling for only $1. Curious to know why it’s so cheap, I went online to check its ingredients and true enough, they contain substances that can potentially harm the human body.

    After reading numerous consumer complaints and experiments, now I know better what to avoid when buying soapy products.

    1. Thank you Cathy.  I used to love Dove products.  I used Dove deodorant and my husband noticed one day when we were dating that I had a rash of pimples on my arm pits.  I was using the product for a year or so and never noticed and since then I use the Crystal.  I haven’t had an issue since.

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