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Does Hand Sanitizer Work?

So does hand sanitizer work?  The short answer is yes, they kill germs.  Are they protecting us?  No.  Good intentions doesn’t alwasy equal good results.  These days it seems that hand sanitizers are everywhere.  You see the doctors, nurses, bankers, customers, child care workers, teachers, bus drivers etc.  Have you ever wondered why you get sick from a hospital or doctor’s office visit?  If hand sanitizers are killing all the germs, the body is left defenseless.  Many people don’t understand that the human body has its own natural bacteria colonies that serve a purpose, to protect us just like our Immune system.  The good bacteria fight off the bad bacteria that get us sick.  Not only this factor but Triclosan is known to be an Endocrine disruptor, it will affect your hormones.

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Purell lists Ethyl Alcohol as the first ingredient and the second is Isopropyl Alcohol, so that right there tells you it is flammable and will severely dry out your skin.  Dry skin cracks and creates an opportunity for germs to invade.  A great alternative is using Thieves from Young Living, which I will be selling soon.  Hand sanitizers have been proven to be no more effective than soap and water.  There have been reports from the CDC regarding the hazardous effect of drinking sanitizer, it’s beyond me why anyone would but it’s safe to assume that since sanitizer is readily available everywhere, that it may be the children drinking it.  Keep your children away from products with harmful ingredients or that specifically say HAZARDOUS TO HUMANS AND DOMESTIC ANIMALS.  If you feel confident in creating your own home-made natural hand sanitizer, by all means, I encourage it.

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  1. I was always wondering about this. I always feel like when I use a hand sanitizer that my hands are somehow cleaner or that’s just me.

    Well, thanks for this post and keep writing more quality stuff!

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