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Chemical Free Household Cleaning Products

Often, we get so caught up that we don’t read the labels on our cleaning products.  The commercials tell us that Febreze will freshen the air or Lysol kills 99.99 % of bacteria and viruses in your home and what it doesn’t tell you is the chemicals used will do more harm than good.  The ingredients can be looked up on  to find out the toxicity.  Products made from chemicals can cause an allergic reaction, trigger asthma, cause cancer, harm your animals and much more.  The safer and cheaper alternatives are to simply open the windows in the house to air it out and clean with distilled white vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice or essential oils of your choice.  They clean just as well, if not better than store bought products such as bleach, Tilex, ammonia, Lysol and Dow products.  On the website above you can get a list of recommended products from companies that care about what they put in the product and how it affects the consumer if you don’t wish to make your own homemade cleaners.  I stick to the basics and it works very well for my family.  You can replace your fabric softener with white vinegar as well or wool balls in the dryer.  If you decide to choose a cleaning service, opt for one that is green.

There has been so much concern over what is in our products, that there is a bill regarding this issue.  To read more about this bill and to support it, click

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