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Pour Over Coffee Maker Reviews-The Bodum

  The Bodum Pour Over Review Name: Bodum Website: Price: $19.98 Owners: Peter Bodum (Founder) Jorgen Bodum (current owner) Amazon Rating 4.2 stars out of 5 Bodum Pour Over Overview This coffee maker makes your morning quick and easy.  Perfect for the couple that is eco conscious.  The Bodum Pour over is a manual coffee maker, no electricity… Read More Pour Over Coffee Maker Reviews-The Bodum

All things Clean

The Air Purifiers

The air purifiers that we choose in our homes play a vital role in a holistic setting.  Air purifiers are purchased for a variety of reasons that include: eliminating odors, eliminating germs, eliminating pet dander, eliminating smoke and eliminating toxins in the air.  They will also range in size, shape, color, capacity, price, filtration, sound… Read More The Air Purifiers

Personal Care

Does Hand Sanitizer Work?

So does hand sanitizer work?  The short answer is yes, they kill germs.  Are they protecting us?  No.  Good intentions doesn’t alwasy equal good results.  These days it seems that hand sanitizers are everywhere.  You see the doctors, nurses, bankers, customers, child care workers, teachers, bus drivers etc.  Have you ever wondered why you get… Read More Does Hand Sanitizer Work?